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Mother Mary Terror of Demons Shirt

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Mother Mary - the mother of Jesus who took on the sufferings with Christ is also known to be the terror of hell. Demons panic at the sound of her name and cannot stand her due to her utmost love and humility. Lucifer cannot bear that a human creature sits above him on the throne at the right side of Jesus. Mother Mary sovereignly loves humans and saves more souls from demons than all of the angels and saints put together. 

Exorcists have also learned through experience that Mother Mary is the most powerful instrument against the diabolic. When she shows up during an exorcism, the possession is over.  She has, as Father Ripperger puts it - who is a leading expert in spiritual warfare and exorcism, “perfect coercive power” over demons.  She has no need to discuss the matter with the demon, or request that they leave; if Our Lady comes to send them off, they run without hesitation.  The description that Fr. Ripperger gives is quite startling. He says, “You can tell something’s going on [inside the possessed]. Our Lady will appear, they will literally see the abyss open up, they will feel the demon getting ripped out, they will see it going down into the abyss, it closes, and she leaves. She literally doesn’t have to say a thing.  That’s how powerful she is.” Father once invoked Our Lady during a possession and the demon started panicking, saying, “Oh no, oh no!  Not Her!" (Excerpt from "Slaying Dragons" by Charles D. Fraune)

Every time Mother Mary descends onto the earth, demons sink even lower. Every one of her tears is a hole in their skin. Every one of her glances is a tearing of the demons brain. Every one of her steps is their end. This is what we demonstrate in this design. Demons are looking to stop her, but they do not succeed because she is more powerful. Evil has no power over her.


What's included:

- Heavyweight shirt

- Saint Benedict Wooden Rosary

- Custom Holographic Prayer Card

- Rosary Guide

- Custom Frosted Zipper Bag


- Heavy weight, 7.1 oz

- 100% carded cotton, Preshrunk

- Oversized fit with dropped shoulders


Size Chart (Inches)

S | Chest: 18.5" Length: 27"

M | Chest: 20.5" Length: 28.5"

L | Chest: 22.5" Length: 30"

XL | Chest: 24.5" Length: 31.5"

2XL | Chest: 26.5" Length: 32.75"

Size: S
Color: Vintage Black
Size: S
Color: Vintage Black