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Saint Anthony Shirt

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Saint Anthony of Padua is one of the Catholic Church's most beloved and venerated saints. Praying to Saint Anthony for lost items is a beautiful tradition rooted in his powerful intercession, which is supported by his life stories.

When he was in the monastery, he had one of his beloved books stolen which was miraculously returned through his fervent prayers.  For my personally, praying to Saint Anthony for anything I've lost has always resulted in my finding the item. 

When learning about Saint Anthony, I could not ignore the countless stories and testimonies of him holding baby Jesus. Saint Anthony once stayed at a nobleman's house in Italy, when Saint Anthony's entire room started glowing. Peeking in, the nobleman saw Saint Anthony holding baby Jesus in his arms. Having so much humility, Saint Anthony told this nobleman to not tell anyone until he dies.  After Saint Anthony's death, there were countless stories and testimonies of people revealing they saw Saint Anthony holding baby Jesus.

Lastly if you noticed there are fish in the water looking up at Saint Anthony. This is because of a beautiful story of Saint Anthony preaching to fish. When Saint Anthony was traveling preaching the gospel in Rimini, Italy, he found that many of the people were indifferent and even hostel to his message. Frustrated by their lack of faith, he started walking the shoreline facing the sea and preaching to the fish. As soon as Saint Anthony started preaching a large number of fish swarm to the surface, in neat rows raising their heads above the water, seemingly paying attention to the Saints' words. Once the people of the town saw this they came out to listen to Saint Anthony's message and received his words. 


What's included:

- Heavyweight shirt

- Saint Benedict Wooden Rosary

- Custom Holographic Prayer Card

- Rosary Guide

- Custom Frosted Zipper Bag


- Heavy weight 8.2 oz

- 100% carded cotton, Preshrunk

- Boxy, oversized fit with dropped shoulders


Size Chart (Inches)

S | Chest: 18.5" Length: 27"

M | Chest: 20.5" Length: 28.5"

L | Chest: 22.5" Length: 30"

XL | Chest: 24.5" Length: 31.5"

2XL | Chest: 26.5" Length: 32.75"

Size: S
Color: Black
Size: S
Color: Black