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Saint Joan of Arc Crewneck

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Saint Joan of Arc believed God had chosen her to lead France to victory in a long-running war with England.  At the age of 13 years old while in her father's garden, she had visions of Saint Michael, Saint Catherine and Saint Margaret, each of whom told her to drive the English out of French territory. With no military training, she successfully convinced the prince at the time (Charles of Valois) to allow her to lead the French army. At the age of 18, she had a momentous victory at Orléans that saved France from being conquered. 

At the age of 19, Saint Joan was captured by enemy forces, tried for witchcraft and heresy, and burned at the stake. Wearing a small wooden cross with her eyes fixed upon a large crucifix, she prayed a simple prayer and uttered the name of Jesus Christ as flames scorched her body, and she was burned alive to death.

Saint Joan of Arc was truly acting under divine guidance. She is said to be one of the most successful military leaders in the world. When soldiers were injured, regardless if they were English or French, she would tend to them and make sure they stayed alive. Before every battle she would make all her solders go to confession so that if they did die, they would be in a state of grace. Saint Joan of Arc is considered one of history’s greatest martyrs, the patron saint of France, and someone we can look to for guidance when following God's will.


What's included:

- Heavyweight Crewneck

- Saint Benedict Wooden Rosary

- Custom Holographic Prayer Card

- Rosary Guide

- Custom Frosted Zipper Bag


- Heavyweight, 11.8 oz/yd2

- 80% Cotton, 20% polyester

- Relaxed oversized fit with drop shoulders, raglan sleeves, lined hood

- Premium quality, 2x2 ribbing on neck, cuff and hem


S | Chest: 23.5" Length: 28"

M | Chest: 24.75" Length: 29"

L | Chest: 26" Length: 30"

XL | Chest: 27.25" Length: 31"

2XL | Chest: 28.25" Length: 32"

Size: Small
Color: Black
Size: Small
Color: Black